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Tier Level Three

The BHUC special taskforce committees are formed to establish work on a single defined task or activity. Each division is representative of a distinctive role that will achieve various facets of the BHUC overall vision and it is these committees and their staff which conduct the bulk of the work in bringing the BHUC vision to life.  The committees are run by passionate individuals who are inspired by the Hajj & Umrah Pilgrimages and have previous experience and expertise to contribute towards the development of specific programmes.


There may be up to 20 working committees at any given time, allowing the BHUC to develop and implement innovative programs which add value to its members, the industry and British society whilst reducing the burden of responsibility on contributors. We have selected the best initiatives from leading institutions from across the globe that are attributed to the success of their respective organisations. Having adapted the various programmes in line with our vision, we expect our committee divisions to produce substantial value.


The heads of the special taskforce committees agree to lead and develop the initiatives under their custody. To diligently work alongside other teams within the governance structure, creating holistic solutions that deliver tangible results. The division heads are expected to convene 4 times a year with their supporting teams, 1 Annual General Meeting, 2 Pre-Hajj meetings and 1 post Hajj meeting as well as providing on-going remote support via email, calls and other social media channels.

The current proposed committees are listed below:

1:            Hajj & Umrah Medical Committee
2:            Pilgrim Complaints Committee
3:            Legal Affairs & Lobby Committee
4:            Internal Communication & PR Committee
5:            British Hajj Mission Exploits Committee
6:            Strategic Planning Committee
7:            Treasury & Finance Committee
8:            Trade & Commerce Committee
9:            Information Technology Committee
10:         Hajj & Umrah Affairs Arbitration Committee

11:         Administrative Affairs Committee
12:         Outreach Programme Committee
13:         Hajj & Umrah Culture & Heritage Committee
14:         Hajj & Umrah Savings Scheme Committee
15:         Islamic Wills and Zakat Committee
17:         Events Organising Committee
18:         Disaster Management Committee
19:         Awards & Standards Committee
20:         Volunteers Management Committee
21:         Research & Education Committee