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Tier Level Two

The Non-Executive Board Members are qualified into this tier of membership through their known commitment and active role in supporting the British Hajj & Umrah, whilst having a broader role and responsibility within their respective organisations, professing a non-exclusive relationship with the Hajj & Umrah Sector. 

This tier of membership is exempt from financial contribution towards the administration of the British Hajj & Umrah Council and are required to convene together at least once every three months at the invitation of the chair.


This tier of committee members shall support the British Hajj & Umrah Council by contributing their expertise, available required resources and proposing strategies for achieving the BHUC’s vision aims and objectives, subjected to individual organisation approval. The consortium of organisations holding the post of Executive Board Members shall also support the Non Executive Board Member Organisation’s in achieving initiatives that complement their activities and working remit within the Hajj & Umrah Sector.