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Tier Level Six

Our Patrons are an exclusive group of contributors who have exceeded in a particular field of excellence and proud to support a national initiative that enhances the British Pilgrims experiences year in, year out. Instilling collaborative thinking amongst vying and passionate organisations and individuals as well as bringing greater attention to matters of national or community importance.


To reflect the diversity of the British Hajj & Umrah Council’s vision towards building relationships with society, businesses, governments and educators; we have welcomed the support of Patrons who are leaders from varying backgrounds and institutions. A comprehensive representation by Politicians, Business Personalities, Social Workers, Educators, Philanthropists and Cultural Ambassadors amongst our Patrons adds distinctive value to the BHUC.


This tier of honours agrees to lend their merit, involving themselves in particular areas of work that befit their credentials and are expected to convene once a year and participate in one activity during the year.