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Hajj People CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program was formally introduced in 2013 coordinating the industries resources to develop greater awareness related to health, safety and security and hygiene in Hajj and Umrah. Our work is coordinated with the Hajj and Umrah sector across the board. Additionally, Hajj People provide full time assistant to the British Hajj and Umrah Council and its members in developing their mandates and activities to produce the required results outlined against their scope of work.

British Consul & British Consulate Staff visit Hajj People at their offices in Jeddah

British Consul Seif Usher visit CEO Hajj People – Mohsin Tutla office in Jeddah on 13th of December 2018.

British Consul Seif Usher, Mohsin Tutla CEO Hajj People and Lord Kurban at the British Consulate

A deep honour for Hajj People to receive a visit from the British Consul & Deputy Consul Kabir

British Consul supports cultural exchange through humor and Hajj People collaboration with Al Comedy Club and the 4 City U.K. Tour in April 2019.

Hajj People – Founding Member of the British Hajj & Umrah Council. BHUC Part of Hajj People CSR Commitment

The British Consul Barrie Peach with Mohsin Tutla and Yasin Chaudhury, Board Members at the British Hajj and Umrah Council celebrate the London to Madinah Cycle ride for Hajj in 2017.

National Hajj and Umrah Stakeholders Meeting

Mr. Mohsin Tutla, Executive Board Member at BHUC

Hajj People is proud to have exclusively funded the development of the British Hajj and Umrah Council for 8 years as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, having developed a platform that has unified the ideals of the British Hajj and Umrah industry and shall continue to do so and work with industry stakeholders to drive advanced solutions to serve Pilgrims and the trade better, a collective legacy, with independent identity and in unison.

A Hajj People vision for the British Hajj and Umrah Sector come to life.

The British Hajj and Umrah Council the brainchild of Hajj People formulated in 2011 and officially registered in 2016 developed the framework towards transforming the British Hajj and Umrah sector by having created an umbrella organisation representative of all other Hajj and Umrah organisations.

Standing together from the Left

  • Mr. Haroon Hussain from the UKEHC – National Hajj Organisation focusing on compliance structures
  • Mr. Naeem Adil from the Scottish Hajj and Umrah Trust – Representing Scottish Pilgrims.
  • Mr. Yasin Director at the National Pilgrimage Organisers Association – Trade Body
  • Mr. Mohsin Tutla, Chairman of the WHUC, Founder of the British Hajj and Umrah Council, CEO Hajj People
  • Mr. Rashid Mogradia, CEO Council of British Hajjis – Social Welfare and Medical awareness organisation
  • Mr. Tawfiq Chaudhary, Director at the Licensed Hajj Organisers Association – Hajj Association

Professionally socializing together

Planning Together

Learning Together

Hajj People Creates Health, Cleanliness and Safety & Security Awareness. CSR in action.

Hajj People is proud to use its influence with major companies to be involved in CSR activities that promotes the development of a healthy Hajj and Umrah Sector. Hajj People are the World largest international distributor of Saudi Mobile network Sim Cards. With our quality relationships Hajj People has worked with both ZAIN Telecom and Mobily Telecom of Saudi Arabia to spread a message of responsibility globally.

Hajj People & WHUC Foundation Supporting Hajj Missions Globally to raise health, hygiene, safety and security awareness since 2016.