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Our commitment in building a body of knowledge to help contribute towards the rejuvenation and recovery process of Hajj during these testing times begin with understanding and establishing the factual realities that guide government decisions under COVID 19 pandemic conditions

The data collection process in the form of interviews and surveys began on the 20th of April 2020. We are grateful to our research participants, and we thank you, recognising your commitment and contributions in helping us build a foundational piece of work that will empower decision makers globally.

This survey reports the results of the “WHUC Foundation’s, Principle In Organising Hajj Under Pandemic Conditions – Government Survey. Represented within the results is the feedback from Government Agencies officially responsible for the national pilgrimage affairs of Hajj within their respective countries.

Participants who submitted their feedback outside of the set deadlines have not been included within this report. Your feedback will still be utilised for on going research purposes and for individual review. 

National responses shall be made available to our partners’ only through a consensual process, as we observe strict a data protection policy.

Perspectives of the participating 25 countries have been logged and analysed; reflective of 890,000 International Hajj Pilgrims, approximately 49% of all international Hajj and 37% of all Hajj.


The questions have been deliberately framed to ascertain the explicit position and perspectives held by Government agencies responsible for Pilgrims.

Establishing the global position upon principles that could potentially enhance or hinder the overall Hajj experience under COVID 19 pandemic conditions, deem it feasible or not feasible or what treatments need to be applied to achieve uniformity in “Global Hajj Management Excellence”.

  • Investigating the readiness pilgrim organisers world
  • Ascertaining the willingness of industry stakeholders to facilitate pilgrimage with high levels of uncertainty
  • Questioning the preparedness, the measures in place that can safeguard pilgrims from the effects of COVID19

Research by Hajj People

Hajj People has conducted this research observing ethical research guidelines as well as best practice methods.

Hajj pilgrimage is a sensitive subject matter and requires caution, benefactors of this content are requested to observe ethical usage guidelines and ensure statements within this document are not misrepresented or taken out of context

Evaluation by the WHUC Foundation

The blessed continuation of Hajj & Umrah pilgrimages in its normalcy is of paramount importance to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Muslims communities across the globe.

“Hajj Under Pandemic Conditions” is a phenomenon that adds an extra layer of complexity towards Hajj Management, creating new challenges and obstacles for industry stakeholders to overcome