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Authentic PCR For Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims

Our vision is to create a safer world, more resilient from the effects of infectious diseases and pathogens

This project aims to validate the authenticity of vaccination, pcr, immunity deficiency and antibody test result certification from the source, working with medical institutions and laboratories worldwide.

Our Mission Is to have every international traveler meet the medical requirements for safe travel and authenticate their health related documents through our technology solutions

Authentic PCR solution for Hajj and Umrah was judged by King Abdullah University Science & Technology as one of the most promising solutions to aid in the development and the rejuvenation process of the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage.

The system and portal developed provide a wide ranging solution that is adaptable for uncertainty

Reporting On Pilgrims PCR & Other Tests Globally

The Authentic PCR platform has been integrated across 400+ locations globally ensuring our testing mechanism can support the pilgrim across 50 countries more effectively and efficiently. We maintain the highest quality of partnerships working alongside, Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies, Laboratories, Diagnostic Centers and others.

  • We Provide Medical Checks & PCR Testing Within International Airports
  • We provide remote testing at homes, offices and mobile set-ups
  • We verify the legitimacy and counter the opportunity of counterfeit and fake certification
  • Our approach is holistic and supportive to all stakeholders require to be informed of pilgrim health status

Rise In Fake COVID 19 Certificates

Severe breach of health safety travel protocols are compromising the global rejuvenation process.

 • Pilgrims have traveled to Saudi Arabia under fake certificates found to be COVID 19 positive. 

• Saudi regulators are holding Saudi Umrah companies responsible for breaches and failed control performance of external agents.

 • The new normal process requires proof of inoculation and negative results as a pre-requisite travel permit.

Hajj Health Partnership

• We validate the authenticity of vaccination, pcr, immunity efficiency and antibody test result certification from the source, working with medical institutions and laboratories.

 • We provide a technology medium to effectively streamline the process of collecting and sharing verified and authorised medical information with industry and regulatory bodies facilitating the movement of people within the travel sector.

 • We qualify medical institutions and laboratories’ eligibility to inoculate customers travelling to Saudi Arabia. Thorough cross referencing, review of equipment, licenses of practitioners authorised to test and inoculate for pathogens and diseases.

 • We provide industry stakeholders with the required seal of confidence to continue the facilitation of travel services.