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Our events division produces commercial and non-commercial events, profit and non- profit, private and public events. Categorized as Business to Business, Business to Consumer and Business to Government and Government to Government Events.

Hajj People Islamic Tourism Expo Jakarta 2017 & 2018

Hajj People organize the largest Business to Business & Public Hajj and Umrah Event in Indonesia with more than 150 Exhibitors and 24,000 Visitors over a two-day period, inaugurated by His Excellence Osama Mohammad Abdullah Al Shuabi, Saudi Ambassador to Indonesia.

World Hajj & Umrah Convention Jakarta 2017 & London 2018

HRH Prince Dr. Saif ul Islam ibn Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud joins the WHUC 2018 in London

Global Hajj and Umrah Organisers celebrate the most successful meeting at the WHUC 2018 in London.

Hajj People prepare the most prestigious ceremony in Jeddah

Hajj People set to deliver the WHUC Awards at the Ritz Carlton Palace in Jeddah in 2019 for 1000 Global delegates.

H.E. Seif Usher, British Consul – Jeddah with Mohsin Tutla, CEO Hajj People for contract signing ceremony for WHUC Global Hajj and Umrah Excellence Awards in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Hello! Al Comedy Club UK Tour Hajj People develop cultural exchange event through laughter. 4 City UK Tour. April 2019

FCO & Saud Entertainment Authority Support Hajj People for the Hajj People UK tour of Al Comedy Club Yasser Bakr (CEO – Al Comedy Club, Mohsin Tutla CEO, Hajj People, create comedy sketch of Pilgrims)