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Our Consultancy division lends our expertise, our reach as well as our insights to provide the Hajj and Umrah industry with the necessary connectivity and solutions required to achieve their mandates, goals and objectives across 15 sectors in this industry.

Hajj People – Consultants to PPMDC – Saudi Bin Laden Group. August–November 2017

Hajj People CEO – Mohsin Tutla appointed as Hajj and Umrah subject matter expert to Saudi Bin Laden Hajj Terminal Development & Construction Company, PPMDC and Saudi Bin Laden Group, to produce the first Hajj Terminal Customer Experience & Satisfaction Performance Review Report. Appointed by Sultan Bin Laden.

Hajj People report produced by Mohsin Tutla – CEO Hajj People. Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Hajj Missions, Hajj Association, Hajj and Umrah Travel, Pilgrim’s report the most successful customer experience at the Hajj Terminal in 2018, Jeddah.

Hajj People develop Vision 2030 Hajj & Umrah Initiatives

Hajj People are recognised for its market intellegence developed through the Hajj People research and WHUC initiative. Hajj People – CEO Mohsin Tutla has been appointed on the board of advisors supporting Vision 2030, Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority. With more than 10 initiative entered into Hajj & Umrah VRP Investment track.

Hajj People appointed as Strategic Partner for 3 Years in 2018

Bank Muamalat celebrates a 3 year strategic alliance with Hajj People and the World Hajj & Umrah Convention. President of Bank Muamalat Mr. Permana with CEO of Hajj People Mohsin Tutla with the heads of Hajj Missions.

Hajj People open its South East Asia regional office in Jakarta, 19th Floor Bank Muamalat, December 2018.

Hajj People – Developing Saudi Tourism Appeal (Muslim & Pilgrim Travel Market)

Hajj People appointed in March 2018 by the Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiquities, to develop initiatives that can attract and create appeal for Pilgrim travel market towards main stream Saudi Tourism and to work with Saudi Arabian Airlines as International Hajj and Umrah subject matter expert.

Hajj People – Appointed as Official Consultant (Niger Government – Hajj Affairs Division)

Hassane Mani – Head of Niger Hajj Affairs, signs Hajj People as official consultants (Centre Left) Mohsin Tutla – Hajj People CEO (Centre Right)

Contracts Begin: 15th February 2019

PROJECT A: Airlifting 50% Niger Hajj Pilgrims – 6300 Hajjis from Niamey to Jeddah

PROJECT B: Development of Hajj Training Village in Niamey PROJECT C: Hajj & Umrah Management Training

Hajj People Delegation to Visit Niger Prime Minister (Brigi Rafini) – 25th of February 2019